About Steered Straight and Teen Portal

We are bringing the message of prevention to the youth of our communities.

“We pledge to provide without exception, real-life, motivational messages about substance use/abuse,
gang involvement and lessons about the inevitable consequences of making negative life choices.”

What And Who Makes Steered Straight Different?

Steered Straight is a 17-year proven program that does not explain drug prevention at school assemblies but TEACHES the reality of drugs and devises a prevention message the students implement themselves within their school system.

Steered Straight has become the number one booked program in America with assemblies focused on drug education prevention. Our program is primarily based on the uniqueness of the messenger, someone who has suffered the consequences of negative decisions. We have found that youth instantly identify with Michael DeLeon, or another of our speakers, as a changed, motivated teacher with a real-life story to tell.

Steered Straight does not simply educate students about the harmful nature of drugs and alcohol but provides the reality and deadly impact it can and will have on their lives. We remove the concern parents’ have on how to help their kids and replace it with active solutions.

We have found that the “just say no” message has not worked, nor will discipline and scare tactics. To actively achieve students wanting to stop using whatever substance, on whatever level and on their own, is the only method. However, it takes an engaging and powerful message. Michael DeLeon and his team delivers that.

The Program

In just one day, our speakers provide multiple school assemblies for various schools – either in the same district or surrounding districts, addressing all age groups from kindergarten through 12th Grade. We also include an after-school staff workshop and a Parent Academy/Community event at night. We aim to reach all those concerned in the health and safety of our youth with our message.

Materials Provided

As part of our program, each student receives three Drug Education booklets on Marijuana, Alcohol and Drugs. The booklets are part of an evidence-based curriculum that every Health Teacher can incorporate into any year-long, core curriculum plan. We provide all staff with a one-year curriculum called “Back to the Classroom,” taking the principles of what our speaker presents and continuing the conversation into each class for ongoing impact.

Our Purpose

To reach youth and young adults through motivational speaking, life-sharing seminars and interactive curriculum in order to:

  • Provide youth with real-life examples of negative consequences that resulted from making poor decisions.
  • Impact the minds of youth to steer their lives in positive ways and encourage them to make positive life-choices.
  • Give kids the ability to develop a sense of understanding about the positive and negative choices in their lives.
  • Reduce the number of youth who end up in the criminal justice system due to making poor decisions.